Saturday, January 28, 2012

                                  Stacey is Blossoming

Stacey is glowing with health and vitality these days. In the 3 weeks she has been with us, she has lost three pounds due to just having free roam of the house and outside. She has gained a lot of strength in her hind legs that at first were an issue when we picked her up. She goes up and down the stairs without hesitation now. We have all hard wood or tile floors and she might occasionally slip when she is in a hurry but the chance of that has greatly diminished in the past few weeks.

Stacey has a lot of energy. She loves to play with her ball all the time. Unfortunately, our dog Zeus is a toy hoarder and claims all toys as his own and whenever Stacey gets a toy or ball it is his life’s mission to take it from her. She tolerates the situation extremely well and allows him to take the ball from her mouth.  I think one of the reason she likes the outside so much when someone is out there with her is because Zeus has other activities when he is outside so she can stake a claim to the ball more.

Stacey loves people. I am not sure of her history before she came to the rescue but one thing is for sure, it did not stop her from idolizing people. When we were at the vets, a couple with children came in and Stacey’s eye lit up and she was so excited to see children. The kids thought she was great and I had to drag her away when our time came to go into the vet’s exam room.
So Stacey loves people, toys and attention. She likes being around other dogs and tolerates our cats and doesn’t really paid them any attention. She is housebroken and doesn’t have to be crated. She lies down and doesn’t bother you when you are eating dinner.
Things we have to on:
1.       She is extremely insecure and follows you and won’t let you out of her sight. She needs to be able to trust again that she will not be left.
2.       If you have snacks on the coffee table during the game, don’t turn your back or she will eat them, much like my husband J
3.       She knows the word sit, but not the word Stay. I think it is too close to her name, so when you say Stay, she thinks you mean Stacey. Trying the word halt now…
4.       She wants a family who will love her for the rest of her life.

So she will make someone a wonderful addition to their family and she is available for adoption. If you want to be her forever family, please contract;

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