Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spa Day for Doji, too!

Doji had surgery to repair her ACL on January 2, so she couldn't have a bath until today.  Phew-- that's a long time for a dog to go bathless in my house!  Toby gets weekly baths to help manage his lion-like mane of golden retriever hair with a Chow Chow undercoat.  That dog can shed!  Doji, on the other hand, really doesn't have that much hair.  I've brushed her a few times and can barely pull any hair off of her.  I brushed her again before her bath today and still not much hair... then it was bath time!  Toby tolerates his bath.  He'll hide under the table at the mention of "bath time"-- so much so that we've abbreviated it to getting his "b" and sometimes just say "spa day" or "shower" to throw him off.  But, he'll hop in the tub and take it like a man.  I was afraid Doji might really NOT like the bath and hurt herself trying to scramble out of the tub.  Why was I worried?!?!  This is Doji we're talking about.  We had to pick her up to put her in the tub, but there was no struggle.  In fact, she didn't move a muscle during the entire bath (shampoo/rinse/conditioner/rinse).  No whining, no shaking, and no attempt at escape.  Post-bath, she LOVED the towel dry and was in quite a good mood! 

I took a trip to Target and Petsmart today.  At Target, I got a few no-slip rugs to provide more "islands" of carpet for her.  She's learning that it's safer and more comfortable to stay on a rug.  At Petsmart, I picked up a few femur bones.  Doji is a bone girl, which probably explains why her teeth are so shiny and white.  Toby's interest in chewing on bones comes and goes.  So much so, that Doji whittled down one of his bones to the point it was flaking off in a week.  I haven't bought him a bone in years-- so that tells you how old that bone is.  After letting her chew on the new bone for an hour, I took it away to save it for another day (probably tomorrow). 

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