Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doji is a Puppy at Heart

Doji is beginning to sparkle!  It could be that her true personality is coming out because she's more comfortable with us, or (more likely) it could be that she's off her heavy pain killers!  I was giving her a good belly rub today and she started "mouthing" my hand in play.  Fortunately, she knows her limits and didn't hop up or run around, but continued to lay in the snuggle bed while she playfully pawed at me.  Then I took her outside to enjoy this beautiful day and she sniffed and explored for a good 15 minutes.  This is in contrast to her sticking close to the door up to now.  She came back when I called her name-- but I had to call her name 3 times.  She was certainly taking advantage of a bit of freedom to roam the fenced in yard (1 acre).   

She also loves to play with toys and bones.  She's not destructive, but she's very proud to show me that she has selected a toy "companion".  She doesn't discriminate between bones, balls, or toys-- they all make her happy (Toby is a toy snob and prefers the toys with sound chips!).  And she's smart!  She knows exactly where she stashed her toy/bone.  Granted it takes her awhile to hobble over to find it, but she knows where it's at.

***Doji's ad is up on and she's available for adoption to a very lucky person!  If you would like to adopt Doji, please visit for more information about adoption.

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