Saturday, January 14, 2012

Doji the Guard Dog (Ha!)

For those of you Golden lovers out there, you are certainly not surprised to learn the Doji is not a guard dog!  I came home last night after midnight and the sweet-tempered Doji didn't make a peep when I walked in the door.  Well, perhaps there was some thumping of her tail against her crate.  I haven't actually heard her make a vocal sound in the week she has been with us. 

This morning (Saturday), Doji sauntered into my bedroom from the living room where she slept before the sun rose.  It was her tail thumping against my bed that actually woke me up.  In my quest to sleep in, I ignored her.  She settled down on the floor and I tried to snooze a bit more.  After about 15 minutes she was rustling around some more (tail thumping) and I began to wonder if this was her way of telling me she had to go out.  She never whined or made any vocal sound.  With Toby, he "talks" to you if he has to go out when you're sleeping.  I crawled out of bed put on my slippers and headed for the back door.  Doji was overcome with excitement at my response to her subtle hints.  She turned a few enthusiastic circles as we walked to the door.  I let her out and she immediately relieved herself and trotted back to the door.  She hasn't had any accidents in the house, and I'm confident to say she is completely housebroken.  She knows when she needs to go out, it's just a matter of learning her subtlety. 

If you're interested in adopting Doji (or Stacey), please contact Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary

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