Sunday, January 22, 2012

Doji found her Forever Home!

It is with very mixed emotions that I tell you Doji has found her forever home!  On one hand, I'm in jubilation that Doji was adopted, but on the other hand... I miss her dearly already.  Her new mom, Tracey, and doggie sister, Jill, took her home today.  I was very sad to see her drive away, but I know she will have a fabulous and very spoiled life with her new family and I am thankful that I could play a small role in delivering her to such a great home.  There's an empty snuggle bed beside me and a little hole in my heart.  I'll miss reaching over the chair to pet her or having her nose magically find my hand whenever it's not occupied. 

But, Doji's adoption means there's room in my house and my heart for another foster dog.  It may take a few weeks before I can get up to West Virginia to pick up the next dog...   in the meantime, keep checking the blog.  More stories of Stacey and other Almost Heaven foster dogs will be shared! 

And while I have your attention, please take a moment to vote for "Almost Heaven" in West Virginia at
 If Almost Heaven receives the highest amount of votes for West Virginia or overall-- they'll receive a grant that will be used to help rescue dogs like Doji and provide for their medical care.  You can also help more directly by donating  through the chipin site at:

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  1. I am so glad Doji found her forever home. I had seen her on the Almost Heaven website, and she so reminded me of our last Golden. I'm sure it is very hard to give up dogs like Doji, even though you know they will have good new homes.