Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Doji Does....

  • LOVES her bone
  • LOVES her hedgehog toy even more 
  • LOVES to be petted, especially a belly scratch
  • is a total foodie (but not aggressive with us or Toby when we're near her food)
  • gently and eagerly takes fish oil 4x a day (have I mentioned she LOVES it-- it only took one pill to get her hooked on this doggie crack and now she hobbles into the kitchen at the sound of the bottle opening)
  • snores
  • follows me from room to room
  • sleeps on the floor in my bedroom
  • investigates my dinner plate (I eat in the living room), but never takes a taste
  • comes when she's called
  • has a hard time getting up after she's been sitting awhile and is wobbly on her legs when she just gets up
  • gets playful and mouths you (from the lounging position only)
  • wags her tail every time you say her name
  • happily goes into her crate at the suggestion (often brings the bone OR the hedgehog with her)
  • likes to amble around the backyard exploring
  • goes "out" three times a day and comes to the door when she's done to be let in (and be with you)
  • can usually be found in whatever room you're in
  • is a very happy dog
  • can't wait to find her furever home and be treated like she deserves:)

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