Sunday, January 25, 2015

I've had a hiatus from fostering dogs these last few years as my work has taken me on travels around the world and a relocation from DC, where I fostered for Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary, to Atlanta where I'm now fostering for Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta (GRRA).  That being said, thank you for finding me and these stories of dogs looking for their two-legged soul mate! Now... allow me to introduce Sampson!

He's freaking adorable.  He's the kind of dog that people on the street can't help but smile and coo at.  He's a distinguished gentleman of 8 years, but his spirit and size are puppy-ish.

Sampson (I call him Sam for short sometimes) was found as a stray in December.  He was micro-chipped, which told us that he was adopted from the Atlanta Human Society 8 years ago.  However, when GRRA tried to contact contact the folks who adopted him, they had no luck in finding his family.  After spending a few weeks being boarded at the vet while he was treated for heartworms, I picked him up and welcomed him into my family of Toby (my 14 year old rescued golden retriever-chow chow mix) and me. 

Sam's Stats
Age:  8 years
Size:  42 pounds
Color:  Chestnut red coat with black lowlights, blonde highlights and a white chest... gorgeous!  And he doesn't shed!!!
Children:  Hasn't met one he hasn't greeted with a wagging tail during walks
Dogs:  Like children, has met small and large, with wagging tails
Cats:  Unknown
Energy:  Moderately low.  He's always up for a walk, but when in the house, he prefers to nap

If you're interested in adopting Sampson or learning more about him (for now), please see his profile on

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