Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Monday, Sampson!

Sampson has not had an accident in the house for 2 days!  Today, for the first time, I came home from work to a puppy sitting quietly in his crate with no accidents.  I'm not sure if he's just getting more settled in our house, if the crate training that we worked on this weekend actually helped or if his midday walk made a difference.  Either way, I'll take it!  As soon as I came home, I opened his crate door without fanfare or telling him how much I missed him or what a good dog he was for NOT soiling his crate.  He wagged his tail with enthusiasm and then made a bee-line towards the back door.  He ran out the door and peed to much praise! Also, he's learning the trick to tricks.  As soon as I hold a cookie, he puts his rear on the floor in a good "sit".

I hope this trend continues.  Tomorrow, I'll take him to the vet for his last heartworm treatment.  He'll have to stay at the vet all day and then a stranger (to him) will pick him up in the afternoon and drive him home.  I'm worried that the disruption in our schedule may be enough to offset today's progress.  We shall see when Wednesday evening comes!  For tonight, I'm enjoying a super snugly Sampson.  He knows he's not allowed on the couch, so he lays on the hard wood floor, stretched out, and waiting for a belly rub or head scratch... just in case I feel so inclined.

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