Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sampson's Big Day at the Vet

Sampson and I ventured up to Roswell to the vet yesterday for his last heart worm treatment.  He clearly trusts me more now than he did when I first got him.  When I picked him up the first day, I tried to encourage him to hop into the car.  He cowered.  When I tried to pick him up to put him in the car, he flattened himself to ground as if he were taking shelter in a tornado.  Fortunately, he only weighs 42 pounds and I managed to pick him up without too much of a struggle (even though he was dead weight!).  Yesterday, he didn't cower when I opened the car door--he hopped right in for our ride.  He rode in the back seat and enjoyed pushing his nose out of the window whenever he could.    

Yesterday, he stayed at the vet all day after his ivermectin shot to make sure he didn't have an adverse reaction.  A nice volunteer, Ken, from GRRA taxi'd him home. I'm told Sampson was a good boy at the vet all day and a great car companion on the ride back. 

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