Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Still Looking

Unfortunately, Buffy's potential adopter did not work out.  She got along fine at the meet and greet, but it has been determined that Buffy would do best in a quiet home with no kids.  A lot of commotion seems to stress her out, and she needs every human in the household to be able to give her strong direction and clear guidelines on her place in the pack. 
Buffy is always smiling
She needs both encouragement when she is good and swift correction when she steps out of line.  The correction does not have to be harsh as she listens very well (a firm “NO!” usually works) and is submissive when you show your disapproval.

So, Buffy is still looking for her two legged soul mate.  Fill out an application if you think you may be the one!

To see all of the available dogs at Almost Heaven, check out their page on petfinder.  They have more than just golden retrievers!

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