Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fluffy Buffy

Buffy is a very sweet girl.  She is around 4-5 years old and came to Almost Heaven unspayed and heartworm positive.  Fortunately, she is now fixed and free of heartworms!  The latter has no lasting effects once it is treated (except for a few "thin" spots on her back) so don't let that deter you from considering her as your four legged soul mate.

Buffy enjoying a bone and a bed at the same time
Buffy is on heartworm preventative once a month, but every dog should be, so that makes her no different than anyone else.  What does make her somewhat different is her mix.  She is most likely a combination of golden retriever and chow chow.  Even though her temperament is more golden than chow, she should not be in a home with birds. 


In the two days Buffy has been here, I’ve learned the following:
Buffy mastered the magnetic screen door
  1. She rides well in the car.
  2. She seems to be housetrained.
  3. She is excellent on a leash.
  4. She loves dog beds.  (A minimum of one dog bed will be a requirement for adoption, but one per floor would be ideal.)
  5. She loves treats.
  6. She has a great appetite.
  7. Due to numbers 5 and 6, she is on a diet.
  8. She likes to gnaw on bones.
  9. She enjoys being furminated
  10. She snores.
  11. She gets along fine with other dogs.  (But I've only seen her with large dogs, not small ones.)
  12. She LOVES people.  (Her golden retriever part is definitely of the velcro variety.)

Buffy and Ollie are already friends
Her worst habit is that she likes to take shoes, slippers, socks, blankets, towels, etc to her bed.  Apparently in addition to being part golden and part chow, she is also part packrat. 

She has an appointment to be groomed on Saturday and will probably look like an entirely different dog.  She only weighs 68 pounds (if the scale at PetSmart is accurate) but looks like she weighs about 90 thanks to her many coats of fur.  Imagine how big she'd look if she wore horizontal stripes!  Regular grooming will be a must for this girl.

Buffy is available for adoption through Almost Heaven.  Fill out an application if you think she may be your four legged soul mate! 

To see all of the available dogs at Almost Heaven, check out their page on petfinder.  They have more than just golden retrievers!

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  1. My Toby is most likely half chow chow and half Golden Retriever. In my completely biased opinion, it's the BEST combination!He has the loyalty and friendliness of a golden, but chows don't like to "mess" their space so he does his business in a secluded part of the yard-- no clean up! I think Fluffy Buffy is so appropriate-- she's a total furr ball! Thanks for posting! I can't wait to hear her story unfold.