Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Buffy's Big Day

Buffy likes to nap
Buffy has mellowed out some since being here.  It's not that she is high energy, but she initially bothered Ollie a lot trying to determine her place in the pack.  He didn't care for this much as he is a grumpy old man and likes to be left alone.  (He often yells "get off my lawn" to the neighborhood children.)  This needling went on several times each day for around a week, yet over the past few days it has happened maybe once or twice a day.  She is definitely submissive as anytime I felt things were getting a bit too heated, it broke up easily with her falling down onto her back.  Now, while there is the occasional wrestling bout, they mostly just relax, gnaw on bones, and take naps.  (Replace "gnaw on bones" with "sipping pina coladas" and that sounds like paradise!) 

Making a friend at the dog park
Friday we went to the dog park.  She pranced around like a little princess on the mulch.  I imagine a lot of things are new (or distant memories) for her as she does the same thing on wet grass.  She sniffed some of the other dogs but mostly kept to herself, except when there were people nearby.  (Have I mentioned she loves people? Your hand may get tired from petting her.)

On Saturday, Buffy had a spa day at Bark 'n Bubbles.  She was there for over seven hours!  To be fair, the entire time was not spent on her. While she did great in the bath, she was not too fond of the dryer so had to air dry with fans. 
Happy after her spa treatment
I wish I took a picture of all the fur they took off of her.  It was quite remarkable.  She did well for nail clipping although was a little skittish when her front nails were cut.  It was a two person job, but no one seemed to mind as everyone loved her (how could you not?)  One of the groomers loved her so much, in fact, that she is considering her as a four legged soul mate!  (A groomer!)  There needs to be a meet and greet with the current dog which will happen this weekend, but if all goes well Buffy may have found her forever home!  Paws crossed! 

Dreaming of her forever home

To see all of the available dogs at Almost Heaven, check out their page on petfinder.  They have more than just golden retrievers! 

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