Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Melia's Gaining Confidence

We've let Melia roam free during the day and overnight this week.  So far... no issues!  At night, she's been sleeping on the dog bed in the bedroom.  When we start moving around in the morning, Melia will start circling around the bed, letting out her signature whimper with a mighty strong tail thump.  On a couple occasions she has jumped up on the bed, but we've been nipping that one in the bud.  I think she's learning that beds are off limits.

We've also started obedience training.  She is so eager to please that she sits automatically, without any command, at your feet.  She eagerly takes her cookie, but will walk a few feet away to eat it in private-- thus, the treat consumption probably isn't associated with the command.  I'll have to work on this... maybe smaller, better, easier to chew treats.

Also, I learned today that Melia LOVES to be brushed.  I started brushing her and she stopped, dead in her tracks, mid-stride and stood there until I finished.  Her coat is kind of like a lab's coat--it's a little more coarse than Toby's and not nearly as much hair as a typical Golden.  The good thing is, she's not much of a shedder. 

She's also gaining a little independence.  She's still a velcro dog that is eager to please who is looking for her two legged soul mate.  If you're interested in adopting Melia, please complete an adoption application at

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