Saturday, April 7, 2012

Melia is pooped!  We took her to the downtown Silver Spring Farmer's Market and she charmed people with her "Adopt Me" Vest and her sweet, complacent manner.  At one point, I was sitting in the middle of the road with my legs stretched straight in front of me.  Melia was rolled out on her back.  The back of her head was propped up on my belly and she was looking up at me as I scratched her belly and nuzzled her head.  That was a show stopper!  We had people stopping to take pictures of the docile creature that was so trusting she would lounge, in your lap, on her back.  We handed out Melia's contact information (the blog address) to about 5 people-- maybe you met Melia today and you're reading this blog for the first time today... you might be her her 2-legged-soul-mate?!?!

We stopped by Living Ruff, a pet store boutique, in downtown Silver Spring to get some seasonal cookies (a frosted purple Easter egg for Melia and a gender-neutral-yellow flower for Toby).  We also got a couple meaty bones to chew on.  She enjoyed listening to the different squeaky toys and I tried to interest her in a tennis ball, but she was too interested in all of the people and the other dog-- a black standard poodle puppy-- in the store.

One of my most proud moments for her was when we were in front of the kettle corn stand.  There was an adorable 4 month old German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, Molly, who was sniffing out any pieces of fallen popcorn.  Molly was adorable and picturesque for a puppy, but Melia stole the show!  People gathered around Melia to comment on how sweet and calm she was!     

The trip completely tuckered them out!  Both dogs came home and took a pretty good nap.    I've been trying to get a video of Melia snoring for a few days now, but every time I hit the record button, she stops snoring.  I have more than one adorable photo of a quiet snoozing puppy! 

If you're interested in adopting Melia, please find adoption information at Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary.

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