Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tripper’s Transformation

                                                        Tripper’s Transformation

Sorry for not updating the blog recently. We had to leave town suddenly due to a family member’s illness. My Mother-in Law passed away and we spent a week in Florida with her during her long battle with Alzheimer, from which she succumbed to. It was a sad and trying time for all of us, but enough about me and on to Tripper.
Tripper has been un-kennelized! The first week, he was really timid and didn’t know how to interact with the parade of animals we have living with us. That has changed and he loves our cat Sammy and loves to sleep near her when he can. He is also playing with our Dog Zeus now, and while Zeus does not like to share his toys, he is enjoying playing tug of war with Tripper now. The two of them like to wrestle and Tripper is shorter than Zeus so he just plows under Zeus’s belly when Zeus is winning the wrestling match.

Tripper is enjoying home life now. He loves lying by my feet while I am typing this. He also likes to be around where all the action is, so he drags his dog bed to whenever everyone is hanging out at that time.   I bought him a second dog bed so he wouldn’t have to drag his around all over the house. So it now has one in our mud room, which is the one he drags to the kitchen and dining area and his second one is in our family room near the fireplace.

Tripper love getting toys from our toy bin. Our dog Zeus is always taking a toy from Tripper, since Zeus thinks all toys belong to him. Tripper, being the good sport that he is, just goes back to the toy bin and takes another one. Zeus eventually gives up and lets Tripper keep a toy. Tripper is so gentle you can take anything out of his mouth and he doesn’t seem to mind. Tripper just rolls with the punches.

Tripper has been without a home for over 4 years and has spent more than half his life at the Rescue. He is not a handsome dog, but he is cute and quirky. I think people have over-looked him at the rescue before due to him being a mix and not a beautiful young Golden that everyone wants to adopt. If we were all beautiful and young, life would be prefect for everyone, wouldn’t it?  Tripper deserves a forever home with a family who will love his quirks and who will be loved back unconditionally in return. He is a gentle soul who has had a very rough life. However, he doesn’t seem to dwell on his past experiences and loves living life to the fullest. I hope one day, a family will fall in love with him and gives him the life he deserves.
If you are interested in giving Tripper a forever home, please contact Almost heaven rescue.

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